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Caron Precision Inc. uses state of the art Swiss made Studer© CNC cylindrical (OD/ID) universal grinders and Star© Swiss style turning centers to produce precision parts for many applications. For years these machines have demonstrated superior precision in the production of close tolerance parts. 

We currently have 14 CNC Universal OD / ID Studer Grinders that are configurable to just about any part. The universal design of the machines allow multiple features to be set up simultaneously. ID's and OD's can be run in the same hold for excellent concentricity and true position.

8 - Studer S40-4
2 - Studer S30 Lean Pro
4 - Studer S21 Lean CNC
1 - Monza CNC 410 Centerless

- Up to 40” (1000mm) between centers
- 14” (355mm) diameter
- OD Grinding
- ID Grinding
- Centerless Grinding - Thru Feed and In-Feed

1 - Star 6 Axis 32mm Swiss-Turn W/Live Tooling
1 - Star 4 Axis 20mm Swiss-Turn W/Live Tooling

A variety of workholding methods are kept on hand to accommodate just about any part configuration. Custom work holding can be designed by our engineering staff and produced if necessary.

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