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Certified Quality Control ISO 9001:2015 (Cert available upon request)

Precision Grinding

We have been grinding close tolerance parts for over 30 years and have the necessary background to run just about anything you may need. 

Grinding accuracy and speed is enhanced with the ability to dress complete profiles in the wheel. The profiled wheel maintains part quality and reduces machining times by combining several part features to be ground at once. De-burring after machining can often be eliminated by including corner breaks, radii, or chamfers in the wheel form. 

“In-Process Gaging" utilizing Movomatic© equipment can be used on the machine during the grinding cycle for perfect process control. 

Materials and their properties challenge many processes. Our years of grinding and turning experience allow us to work on many different types of material typically used in small parts manufacturing. 

An extensive grinding wheel inventory is maintained, reducing the need to order wheels at the time of order. It’s a virtual certainty we have the necessary wheels on hand to run your parts without un-necessary delay. 

Our collective experience in many years of metal working, grinding and processing is key to our ability to provide competitively priced services, on time and at the level of quality you expect.

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